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RS訊息| RS PHOTO的攝影作品「面對面」在全國美展與你見面

台灣, 台中市

RS PHOTO攝影師許育瑄歷經5年的靜物臉譜創作計劃,以「面對面」為標題於國立台灣美術館舉辦的106全國美展獲得入選展出。 邀請您來展場與「面對面」見面。 展覽地點: 國立台灣美術館(台中市)

展出時間: 2017/6/17到2017/9/10

「面對面」- 創作簡介



^^生活百態: 這些靜物彷彿我們,表現著情緒百態。

++共生: 它們存在人們周圍旁觀、陪伴或有所共鳴。

我有幸於生活中遇見了它們,開始與它們共生的旅途,有巧遇、靈感與思考......這是它們在我影像創作的初登場,更多的發現與故事,仍持續發生。 "Face to Face" - creation brief Familiar faces at familiar places, you may probably have been familiar with them once at a glance. They face the world silently and seem to reveal the tangible consciousness.

This work is divided into two sub-topics:

^^The various expressions of life: These faces of still life with various emotions look as if they were our face.

++Symbiotic: They are existing as a bystander, companion or confidant with human.

I have the pleasure of glimpsing at so many faces in my daily life. They bring me pleasure, inspiration and thinking in my life. This is their debut in my image creation. There are more discoveries and stories about face of still life to be continued.


許育瑄(Rockie Sheu),1991來到世界。學習生物學的過程發現觀察的趣味,科學的訓練幫助我理解世界,在世界裡感受到友善對待人與環境的迫切需要。高中時接觸了攝影,當我愛上了攝影技術之後,我用它來展現靈感和觀察並分享世界的故事。

About author:

Rockie Sheu, come to the world in 1991. He found the fun of observation in the process of learning biology. Scientific training helps him understand the world in depth. He felt the importance of harmony with people and the environment. When fell in love with photographing at his teenage then he constantly used daily-life shots to show his inspiration and observation and share the story of the world.

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